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Lotto Sport Italia

Italian sportswear veteran Lotto has revealed its new Fall/Winter 2018 range titled “Athletica Collection”. Inspired by ‘90s style and design and referencing Lotto’s vast archive, the collection embodies much of what Lotto has done in its 40-plus year history, filtering it through a contemporary lens.

The ‘90s have been having a moment for a while now and nostalgia for the decade is as high as ever. The Athletica Collection falls squarely into this aspect of the current zeitgeist, in particular people’s enthusiasm for remodeling classics as something new that’s informed by the past but ultimately designed for the now. Take a closer look at any piece from the Athletica Collection and it’s no doubt reminiscent of a vintage Lotto design, the new collection borrows everything from the iconic blue and red shades to the famed double diamond logo as a central motif that runs from the neckline down the sleeve of t-shirts, jackets, and sweaters.

Lotto’s indulgent use of the iconic double diamond logo across the entire collection makes it prime for the streetwear-heads who’ve embraced logomania and overt branding. While in some cases logos express irony or act as a sign of luxury, here Lotto’s motif is symbolic of those in-the-know and a savant of true ‘90s sportswear — of course, it’s simply a cool aesthetic element too.


Honoring Lotto’s athletic background, particularly in soccer, collection highlights include long and short sleeved t-shirts, zip-up sweats, joggers, and windbreaker jackets while the primary color palette is made up of the aforementioned red and blue as well as white, black, and navy. Sportswear was, of course, a big part of the ‘90s but has equally become a contemporary trend in its own right. Whether it’s soccer shirts, performance footwear, or sweatshirts and joggers once made for the track, today’s most discerning tastemakers have taken sportswear from the arena to the streets.

The collection drops as part of Lotto’s “LIFE’S Inspired” category which is rooted in the brand’s performance background but designed for more casual wearing and active living. LIFE’S Inspired was revealed earlier this year alongside LIFE’S Active, which is specifically made for sports and training. Both categories reflect Lotto’s artful nack for understanding modern culture. Innovating in sports and performance apparel since the early ‘70s, Lotto’s athletic products earned the brand its name, now it’s embracing its highly credible roots in athletic garments and making them undeniably relevant for today’s style-conscious yet active individual.

The collection is available online at and instore. Visit the link below to shop and keep up with Lotto news on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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