Louis Vuitton just revealed the most unexpected — and eco-friendly — luxury leather goods line. The capsule showcases Louis Vuitton’s new commitment to circularity in the most luxurious way.

The new "Felt Line"  was teased in the film for LV’s men’s collection in January. It consists of three classic bags, the Keepall, Keepall XS, and the Soft Trunk, reworked in a shimmering new eco-felt material complete with a brand new LV logo.

So what is eco-felt? The innovative textile — the main material in the collection — was designed using 43 percent certified organic cotton and 20 percent recycled wool. The monogrammed jacquard material uses lurex thread tufting, which gives it a shimmering now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t pattern, on a robust grey backdrop to mimic actual felt feel. Due to the manufacturing process, which involves countless fibers and sporadic tufting, each eco-felt bag has a unique appearance.

Meanwhile, the chains and corners were produced using 70 percent recycled plastic with a multi-color effect that reflects the jacquard’s chromatic aspects. For the straps and handles, LWG (Leather Working group)-certified leather was selected, meeting the most exacting environmental standards for tanning. For the lining, LV makes use of 100 percent recycled polyester sourced from the brand’s deadstock.

The unique result of these eco-conscious efforts is underscored by that new LV logo created by Virgil Abloh. The new branding aptly resembles the well-known symbol for recycling originally credited to Gary Anderson and is printed on a leather patch – also drawn from existing stocks.

"Today, we’re furthering our commitments by extending our sustainable development approach to all of the raw materials with the goal of reaching 100 percent responsibly sourced raw materials by 2025," Louis Vuitton’s global head of sustainability, Christelle Capdupuy, told WWD. "We also target the use of existing stocks of raw materials, in order to preserve natural resources."

Capdupuy revealed that the maison aims to recycle or reuse 100 percent of materials used for its fashion shows; LV already reached a 93 percent threshold last year.

The full eco-felt line is expected to hit Louis Vuitton stores on July 16. Additionally, a coat in the same material will also be available in limited quantities.

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