Sometimes the most stylish people are the ones on duty. We've highlighted staff kits all around the world, from Voo Store in Berlin to BOONTHESHOP in Seoul. Recently, we've been exploring some of the best retail outposts in New York City, like Nepenthes and Kinfolk. Now, we turn our lens to the guys at M5.

Started as a multi-brand showroom, M5 is run by a small but highly knowledgeable team of people with years of experience in peddling high-end clothes. In addition to more sartorial labels like Herno, Barena and Begg & Co., they represent cult menswear labels like ts(s), a directional Japanese line by Takuji Suzuki; and President's, an Italian label that specializes in flipping wardrobe classics into high-end staples with upscale fabrications.

Oh right, and they're also responsible for boosting Stone Island's U.S. presence considerably. The team has been credited with introducing the brand to Travis Scott, and has been instrumental in the label's growth in the North American market. In between seasons, they offer an exclusive, by-appointment-only retail experience.

The M5 Shop turns the showroom space into a shoppable concept store, full of the kind of garments menswear nerds argue about on the internet. Since it happens to be run by the same guys who spend all season with the clothes, they can tell you about each and every stitch, as well as provide some tips on how to wear the big-ticket items well.

For proof, check out what the men of M5 wear to work on the regular.

Name: Michael Burns  Brands: President's, Stone Island Ghost, Herno, Omega, Paul and Shark, Nike Instagram: @michaelburnsnyc

Name: Mayan Rajendran Brands: Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent, Stone Island, Lad Musician, Newman, Glossier  Instagram: @mayan_raj

Name: Pete Sarpong Brands: Nike, Barena, Cini, Supreme Instagram: @petesarp

Name: Dustin Lewis Brands: Nike, Stone Island Shadow Project, Comme des Garcons, New Era Instagram: @plugmontana

Name: James Burns Brands: Stone Island, Supreme x Stone Island, President's, M5 x 47, Silver Lining Opticians Instagram: @jburns027

Name: Cam Hicks Brands: Goodhood x Clarks, Needles Rebuild, Maple Co, Vintage Instagram: @camhicks_

Name: Adrian Carter Brands: Nike, Needles, Stone Island, Comme des Garçons Instagram: @a_k_c

Looking for more street style inspo? Here’s what New York’s Kinfolk squad are wearing.

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