Nike has recruited Megan Thee Stallion for a new campaign and fitness initiative centered on the Hot Girl's passion for performance and dance.

Starring in a narrative video, Megan walks viewers through her fitness journey, from basketball to running track — neither of which she enjoyed. Eventually, she found her sport: dance.

Though the rapper might not fit the mold of a traditional athlete, she is indeed one: 12 hour dance rehearsals, five days of training a week, and squat-heavy performances aren't for the faint of heart.

Now, Meg is bringing her fitness routine to the Nike Training Club app, where users can follow along to core and lower body workouts led by Thee Stallion and Nike trainer Tara Nicolas. Merging mental and physical health, the app also offers a selection of mindfulness experiences led by the rapper.

Dubbed "New Hotties," the campaign is sure to turn the rapper's fanbase onto Nike Training Club. Meg's special brand of positivity — one that's realistic (no "toxic positivity" here), empowering, and funny — is infectious.

In fact, a top comment on Megan Thee Stallion's YouTube video of the campaign reads, "She doesn't know this but she makes everyone's day better."

Meg's workout videos also make fitness feel attainable. She's incredibly strong, but she acknowledges the ups and downs we all experience in the pursuit of health.

"It’s realistic for you to want to give up. It’s realistic for you to not want to eat this today," she said. "It’s just really about discipline."

Amen, Meg.

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