Michael Jordan is unquestionably the greatest player to ever touch the court. However, the hooping legend who made basketball history in the '80s and '90s believes his career wouldn't be what it is now if he had played during the social media era.

Talking to Cigar Aficionado, the usually reclusive Jordan gave an unlikely insight into his thoughts on the times we live in. Jordan revealed that examples such as Tiger Woods prove to him that he wouldn't be the player he was in the '90s if social media had existed at the time.

“Tiger [Woods] played at his peak somewhere toward the end of my career. Then, what changed from that time-frame to now is social media – Twitter and all those types of things," Jordan said. "And that has invaded the personalities and personal time of individuals.

"It’s to the point where some people have been able to utilize it to their financial gain and things of that nature. But for someone like myself – and this is what Tiger deals with – I don’t know if I could’ve survived in this Twitter [era], where you don’t have the privacy that you’d want and what seems to be very innocent can always be misinterpreted.” – Mind you, the "very innocent" thing in Tiger Woods' case was cheating on his wife with hundreds of women.

With this extremely honest assessment of himself, Jordan raises the question of whether he would have been just as dominant if he was playing now. With his interview, Jordan unwittingly added the latest point of debate to the GOAT debate: if they played at the same time, who would have been greater LeBron or MJ?

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