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A hundred years ago, Hyman Moscot began selling eyeglasses out of an old pushcart from New York’s Orchard street on the Lower East Side. Now, Moscot stands as one of the longest running and respected eyewear labels around. To celebrate a century in the business, Moscot launch three takes on their classic Lemtosh model: the Lemtosh Wood, the Lemtosh Smart and a handy folding Lemtosh. Referencing their heritage, the Lemtosh Wood takes inspiration from those wooden pushcarts that played such a crucial role in the early days. The Smart model gives you the choice of a simple prescription frame or an added sunglass clip-on ‘driver’ addition. The option that packs the most modern detail; the foldable Lemtosh, a handy, space-saving frame for your travels. 100 years in the business, these guys most be doing something right.

Words by Glenys Johnson