nabi sam sam video
nAbi / Shlomy x Morchi

Tel Aviv-based producers Ori Rousso and Matan Spenser have been working together for eight years now, but it is only recently that they unveiled their first single under the moniker nAbi. So named for the Hebrew and Arabic word for ‘prophet,’ nAbi’s soundscape is immediately striking, combining musical elements of their Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heritage with such seemingly disparate genres as hip-hop and electro-bass.

The result is a beatific mash that exceeds all geopolitical boundaries, wholly concerned with making you move. Now, the duo have shared a visual for their debut single “Sam Sam,” which takes a few cues from Breaking Bad in a narrative that manages to be winkingly referential even as it produces chills. Take a look below.

Speaking on the visual, directors Shlomy x March told Highsnobiety in an email that “We really wanted to create a narrative and the idea came from the name of the song – ‘SAM SAM’ (Sesame is called in Hebrew ‘Sum Sum’ and in Arabic ‘Sam Sam,’ It has a broad use in the foods in the Middle East). We chose a location that fits the story accurately and created the atmosphere of a drug den. Together with DOP Matan Radin we fulfilled our vision.”

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