The NBA trade deadline has come and passed and — as expected — it was a busy day for most teams. Nine trades went down on deadline day, with the stuttering Golden State Warriors making a last-ditch attempt to avoid the luxury tax, Iguodala finally finding a team he wants to play for, and Andre Drummond moving to Cleveland for relative peanuts.

Fans of all teams — not just those involved — took to social media to air their frustrations at their teams’ inactivity, share their scorching hot takes on who won which trade, and meme fans of other teams. So really, it was your standard day on NBA Twitter.

Favorite topics include the San Antonio Spurs making no moves at all, Kyle Kuzma remaining on the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Clippers getting even better.

If you’re as confused as Joel Embiid is (trust us, a lot of us are), check out the best reactions below.

The best reactions to NBA trade deadline day

A roundup for those that aren’t up to date

Kyle Kuzma looks like he’ll be a Laker for life

Detroit clearly didn’t value Drummond’s 18 points and 16 rebounds per game

Andrew Wiggins found a new home

And Karl-Anthony Towns and D'Angelo Russell reunited in Minnesota

The Clippers did their thing

Some had a quiet Thursday

Obligatory Jahlil Okafor update

Hot potato

That’s all folks!

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