BEAMS is one of Japan's collaborative champions, and that's saying something for a country home to Hiroshi Fujiwara and NIGO. The longstanding retailer has joined with everyone from Ralph Lauren to Crocs, with some of its best work catalogued in an expansive Rizzoli tome. Of course, not every partnership is a home run, as BEAMS' new Netflix collection makes especially clear.

Comprised of 13 individual pieces, mostly clothing, the drop is not exactly BEAMS' best work considering that the company has previously proved its mettle with covetably subtle remakes and thoughtful joint efforts alike. Oh well, even the best brands have to pad with some fluff on occasion. The goods all emphasize an at-home ethos, appropriately drawing from the streaming service's inimitable red-on-black branding.

Several black T-shirts and sweaters are printed with text in Netflix red or BEAMS orange, like "DIRECTOR" or "BINGEING," accompanied by a T-shirt two-pack, sweatpants, shorts and a hat emblazoned with matching imagery. By far the best graphic is a reference to the Netflix Playbar, a signature that Netflix apparently aims to make as iconic as The Swoosh one day. It's not quite there yet, but at least it's more interesting than the other graphics.

BEAMS' best work is probably on the accompanying accessories, but even those are underwhelming. There's a weird neck gaiter, oversized cushion, and neck pillow, all printed with matching co-branding, but the only real standout is a nifty lap tray for easily stabilizing your snacks and sips. And even then, you've got cooler-looking options out there for less.

The items inspired by Netflix anime series Eden fare a little better. Overseen by Fullmetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood director Yasuhiro Irie, the visually stunning robot show inspired some far more adventurous wearables, like shirts with stylized text — okay, not that adventurous — and clever three-way packable tote bags.

Peruse all the wares on BEAMS' website, where most have already sold out, amazingly. Some are likely left in its domestic boutiques, but this is one BEAMS collaboration that we don't mind seeing stay in Japan.

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