Warning: This post contains some Netflix spoilers.

The Miami Ad School just unveiled a genius way of making sure people actually adhere to self-isolation implementations during the coronavirus pandemic. The school's European branch has created a number of billboards that contain huge spoilers for popular Netflix shows.

The thinking is that people will remain inside in fear of having their go-to Netflix binge ruined for them. The campaign targets hit series like Stranger ThingsNarcosLove Is Blind, and more.

Student Seine Kongruangkit told Bored Panda, “The idea started with [fellow student] Brave wanted to do something for the Thai people to raise awareness about staying at home for them. Because we both have to fly back from Germany because of the virus situation.”

Kongruangkit continued, "I thought of movie spoilers because that’s one thing millennials are trying to avoid the most. Then, I told Brave right away and he really liked the idea and believed in it."

Kongruangkit and Brave approached Netflix Singapore with their project, but unfortunately, it was shot down as the company did not want to spoil its shows. After seeing the finished product, however, Netflix US has responded to the campaign, praising the stay at home message.

The overall response to the student-led project has been positive, as many echo the underlying message of remaining at home to help stave off the coronavirus. You can learn more about the clever campaign by visiting Bored Panda.

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