While Netflix is enjoying the love audiences have for its Sandra Bullock-in-a-blindfold horror Bird Box, it has become concerned about fans attempting to reenact scenes from the movie for the sake of social media clout.

Taking to Twitter yesterday, the streaming platform kindly requested that nobody ends "up in the hospital due to memes."

The movie follows Bullock and two children, Boy and Girl, as they blindfold themselves and attempt to escape a sinister force that, when looked at, drives people to suicide. The resulting challenge, dubbed the #BirdBoxChallenge, sees participants also donning blindfolds and trying to perform the same tasks as the characters in the film.

It goes without saying that this isn't the smartest of ideas, which is assumedly why Netflix is a little worried about its audience maiming itself. Of course, Twitter had its own response to the challenge and Netflix's warning.

Some think the challenge is a sign of the times

Others were motivated to try it

For some it was too late

While others just jumped on a different Netflix-inspired challenge

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