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In a city full of jewelry stores, New York’s New Top Jewelry is one of the most hyped. Run by Jane Shuai, the Chinatown-based store sells on-trend gold pieces ranging from custom pendants to simple chains, and has become the go-to store for jewelry lovers everywhere.

What sets New Top apart is Shuai’s attention to detail and genuine care for her customers.  “Why do they choose New Top Jewelry? So many stores. If they come here, I should take care of them,” Shuai tells The FADER. “They’re happy, they tell more people. That’s how I do business.”

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There are very few things as personal as jewelry, and Shuai makes sure the buying process reflects that. She takes time for her customers, explaining that she observes each person to help figure out what sort of piece they’re looking for. “Is he classic and very gentle, or a Supreme guy?” Shuai says. “We get a lot of skate boy. They choose something totally different from artists.” Shuai’s role is to help the buyer go from a vague idea of what they want to find the perfect piece, whether custom or one they already have in the store.

But New Top isn’t just big with New York residents, the store has attracted a wide following on Instagram, garnering visitors from places like Germany and Dubai who found the shop online. Started after a request from one of her clients, the Instagram account alternates images of the store’s selection, alongside wholesome pictures of Shuai happily posing with customers.

“So many [pieces of] jewelry [on Instagram], everywhere they have it! I want to post something interesting, something different,” she says. For those looking for some new ice, New Top’s feed serves up some enviable pieces that are so good, they’ll have you looking up flights.

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