Newron Motors EV-1 Wooden Electric Motorcycle
Newron Motors

French motorcycle company Newron Motors has developed a wild new wooden electric bike that is currently available for pre-order. Dubbed the EV-1, the motorcycle is fully customizable and retails for $67,000, but you can secure yours today with a $2,250 deposit.

Offered in finishes including oak, cedar, white ash, and ebony, Newron Motors' new electric motorcycle runs on a lithium-ion battery that charges completely in 40 minutes. On a full charge, you can travel up to 186 miles in the city or roughly 136 miles on the highway.

The EV-1 is built for speed, capable of traveling from 0 to 62 miles per hour in three seconds, before topping out at 136 miles per hour. Lightweight carbon rims are included to aid in agility.

The key design element of the EV-1 is the robust battery pack that remains exposed at the center. You can check the level of the battery, as well as additional settings, by utilizing the Newron app.

Only 12 units of the EV-1 are currently available to order. Visit Newron Motors' website to learn more about the innovative electric motorcycle.

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