When Eminem reignited his decade-old Mariah Carey beef, no one thought Mariah's camp would dignify his diss with a response. That is, of course, until Nick Cannon proved us wrong. Carey's ex-husband had the internet in stitches last week when he unleashed not one, but two diss tracks targeted at the "Rap God."

Following his disastrous attempts at diss tracks, “The Invitation” and "Pray for Him," Cannon — seemingly oblivious to the fact that #ripnickcannon was trending on Twitter at the time — then declared himself the winner of the beef. He took to Twitter, writing "I won!!! This has been fun now back to your regularly scheduled programs."

After he announced he came out on top, he also debunked — with regret — rumors that he'd played one of his diss tracks on Wild 'N Out "20 Times."

Following all of this, Twitter is still taking aim at Cannon. We've rounded up just a few of the savage responses.

Ignorance is bliss

YouTube dislikes don't lie

"Won" is relative

The Stan to his Eminem

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