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Nike‘s new $350 self-lacing basketball sneaker with the Adapt BB made its debut last week and it follows the 2016 $720 Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, which was the first auto-lacing sneaker available to the mass market.

While we tested the Nike Adapt BB, proving it’s worth $350, YouTube channel What’s Inside?, ran by father and son duo consisting of Dan and Lincoln Markham, now present their signature review of the brand new sneaker by providing an in-depth perspective of the sneaker’s construction and contents, such as what does the motor of the self lacing tech look like and even if the sneakers have laces built inside.

To kick it off, both Dan and Lincoln share their approval and appreciation of the sneaker’s design and test out its auto-lacing mechanism as well as the performance. Around the six-minute mark, they begin to tear down the sneaker’s upper, revealing a layered construction and the lacing system which is hidden. When they direct their attention to the interior of the sneaker, they unveiled the technical elements of the auto-lacing mechanism, which included the miniature motor covered by a velcro piece and a single black cable that connects from the battery to form the lacing system.

In addition, the continued teardown of the upper also revealed that as long as the motor and cables remained intact, the sneakers still retained its self-lacing ability. As they finally remove the key rechargeable auto-lacing motor box built inside the sneaker’s sole around the (8:30) mark, the two also discover that the charging pad included with the sneakers, can also wirelessly charge three cellphones simultaneously.

Enjoy the 12-minute teardown above and let us know in the comments section if you copped the Nike Adapt BB, and share your thoughts on the sneaker.

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Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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