Fans of retro gaming consoles are in for a treat, as you can now buy the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS for less than $1. The only catch, you'll have to venture to Japan to make the purchase — or — utilize your overseas plug.

Both old school Nintendo consoles are currently being sold at secondhand stores in Japan. The Wii is retailing for approximately 46 cents, while the DS is listed at just under $1. Sony's PlayStation 2 is available as well for roughly $1.86.

The Nintendo Wii and DS consoles have both been discontinued for years, but such a low price point is still a surprise. The Wii originally released in 2006 for $249.99, while the DS launched in 2004 for $149.99.

Just last year, Nintendo removed the game listings for the Wii and DS, as the Wii Shop Channel was also terminated in 2019. This means there is no online support for the Wii or its games.

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