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With a past traceable to the 17th century, paisley has been around for some time. Popping up across history’s apparel, from cowboy neckwear to modern Japanese labels, the busy but beautiful pattern continues to have an impact on fashion, boasting a significant presence in streetwear right now. An A$AP Rocky- and Drake-approved print, it appears in the latest collections of a wide range of brands, from COMME des GARÇONS to Stüssy.

Norse Projects provides the paisley with this all-over print piece. A real statement maker for FW19, the yellow open collar shirt is an ideal option for layering, and could be paired with a minimal vest or turtle neck. If you want something warm then this Aries fleece jacket is a safe bet.

Top off your fit with this bucket hat by California streetwear OG Stüssy, coming in a green-hued take on the print. Meanwhile, the patterned socks from OBEY and NOAH will see you right at the other end too.

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