Pharrell Williams is almost as famous for his enviable complexion as he is for his musical artistry and entrepreneurship. Williams' visible lack of pores and fine lines have been meme-fied ad infinitum and it feels like he's been fielding inevitable interview questions about his skincare routine for the best part of two decades. Finally, he won't have to anymore.

Williams is leveraging his dermatological know-how into a skincare brand, unsurprisingly named Humanrace, and will drop an inaugural three-step line of products at the end of the month. The timing couldn't be better as the skincare industrial complex continues to swell, with searches for "skincare routine" showing a 5 x year on year growth since the beginning of global lockdown in March and April earlier this year.

Ahead of the launch of the Humanrace line, Pharrell has taken the time to finally share his long-sought-after skincare routine, which he implemented more than 20 years ago. Press play below to learn all about the ageless wonder's beauty secrets, then continue reading for more on his new skincare brand.

The first Humanrace drop consists of a rice powder cleanser, priced at $32. This magic dust mixes with water for a milky emulsion that encourages a brightening of the skin and softening of fine lines thanks to its alpha hydroxy acids (more commonly known on #skincare twitter as AHAs).

Next up is a lotus enzyme exfoliator, priced at $46. This one exfoliates with glycolic acid and is said to help repair and renew the surface of the skin with gentle exfoliation.

Lastly, there's a moisturizer positioned as a "humidifying cream," priced at $48. The cream is boosted with snow mushroom extract and squalane to lock in moisture, leading to, one would hope, a Pharrell-like glow – it contains hyaluronic acid too, so it'll tick the box for most customers.

Of course, a premium skincare brand goes beyond its ingredients and should look good on the bathroom shelf, but with brands like The Ordinary already seizing a monopoly on the aesthetic of pharmaceutical dropper bottles, Humanrace opted for a bright “eco-friendly” shade of green with screw-lid tubs (with inclusive braille script) made from more than 50 percent recycled plastic from landfills.

You can shop them from November 25 on Humanrace where the package is also available as part of a $100 bundle.

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