Do you ever feel like your bag's never big enough to hold all the stuff you need? Well, PORTER  just solved that problem for you... kinda.

As part of its new IRON BLUE TANKER series, PORTER has released a matching wardrobe cabinet. The storage unit is decked out in its iconic 3-layer fabric from its bags, featuring the signature orange lining.

Weighing 55 pounds and sized at 40” x 70” x 15,” the storage cabinet features a steel frame body, a solid hanger bar, four wooden shelves, and four plastic boxes for organizing and storing small items and accessories like sneakers and folded shirts. Meanwhile, zippered pockets, metal rings, and straps on the side offer you more storage options for miscellaneous items. This all sits on top of fully rotating wheels, making this about the most mobile self-contained closet.

If your wardrobe is as neat as the promo pic suggests, you can keep the cabinet open. But if you're not the most disciplined folder – I mean, who is? – the roll-top front comes in handy. It can be zippered all the way down for a clean and unobtrusive home accessory that hides all your everyday goods.

PORTER's IRON BLUE TANKER Storage Cabinet is priced at ¥495,000 (approximately $4,500) the PORTER and can be found now over at Yoshida Kaban.

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