While fans of The Matrix eagerly await the fourth film to release next year, Spanish retailer Pull&Bear has released a capsule collection in its SICKO19 line inspired by the epic sci-fi saga.

Central to the collection is an all-over print of The Matrix code, which appears across a puffer jacket, hoodie, trousers, footwear, and, to complete the full look dystopian future look, a balaclava. Alongside the code print, the collection also offers jackets, t-shirts, and pants depicting scenes from the films. For fans of the Matrix and Canadian tuxedos, there’s a double denim jacket-jeans combo featuring a repeat print of the film's famous poster. Then there’s a shirt depicting the unforgettable scene where Trinity stops a truck from crashing into the phone booth.

The collection also features a black faux leather waistcoat and cargo trousers twin-set inspired by the leather-heavy attire worn by Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo, as well as a pair of The Matrix-style rimless sunglasses that tap into the mini shades trend that was everywhere in 2020.

The collection is the third release in its re-launched SICKO19 line, a range that focuses on people, movements, and moments in music, fashion, video games, and entertainment. Reggaeton heavyweight Lunay worked on the first drop, while Argentinian rapper Nicki Nicole collaborated on the second.

The Matrix collection is available now at pullandbear.com with activations including a Matrix-themed filter running on Pull&Bear's Instagram.

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