While the rest of us spent the end of last year winding down for the holidays, PUMA was ramping up for the launch of the Future Rider. Now, hot off the heels of announcing their collab version of the kicks with Chinatown Market, PUMA has given us an early look at the first Future Rider general release of 2020, the Future Rider Play On. Scroll on down for a sneak peek and more information on the new colorway set to drop on February 22.

PUMA / Milena Zara
PUMA / Milena Zara

Inspired by PUMA’s Fast Rider from 1980, these reimagined kicks seamlessly blend retro with the future, bringing it to life with a vibrant color palette. This first drop of the decade continues the fun, playful color-blocked look established last year, revamping it with new neons and an updated blocking approach.

Taking the retro inspiration one step further, the first glimpse of the new sneaker comes fittingly via photos taken on an original ‘90s Game Boy Color. Those that remember whiling away the hours on the colorful device might not have known that it actually had an attachable camera that shot pixelated, black & white, Nintendo-branded images. Well, now you do.

PUMA / Milena Zara
PUMA / Milena Zara
PUMA / Milena Zara
PUMA / Milena Zara

The PUMA Rider retails for €90 and drops on February 22 in stores and on puma.com.

  • Photographer:Milena Zara
  • Model:Jerome Glock
  • Model:Juli Bierich
  • Stylist:Natalia Farnaus
  • Creative:Dan Hart-Davies
  • Creative:Shane Gormley
  • Producer:Nikita Ono
  • Project Manager:Sarah Vielhaus

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