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Rachel Sennott: Sad, Horny, Complex, Relatable

In this FRONTPAGE story, Rachel Sennott pulls back the curtain on her depictions of modern womanhood.

Rachel Sennott does her own stunts — which surprises me very little as her particular brand of fearlessness has informed her entire career thus far. 

You probably know Sennott from her roles in Shiva Baby, Bodies Bodies Bodies, and The Idol. But in addition to acting — and impressive boxing-inspired stunt work — Sennott also writes screenplays. Between survival jobs, she collaborates with her best friend Emma Seigleman. (Note: Sennott and Seigleman are currently on strike. This interview was conducted on July 6th before the WGA strike was called into effect on July 14, 2023 and no struck work is mentioned).

It’s impossible to discuss her success without asking Sennott about her past life as a prolific albeit chronically online Twitter comedian. Sennott has spent the better half of a decade observing and capturing a version of young womanhood that is not only sad, horny, complex, and relatable, but shamelessly rooted in the truths of her own experience. 

When I ask her if her tweet-writing process informed her screenwriting process, she explains that Twitter served as an important creative outlet, a way to workshop jokes while also getting some much needed instant gratification. 

Sennott may be settling into her new LA car life, but I’m thrilled to hear her signature, well-documented creative practice — the slutty little walk — plays a role in her life to this day. “I will literally walk anywhere, honestly. It's actually maybe dangerous.”

When I ask Rachel what the best song to listen to while walking, she has her answer ready: “Speed Drive” by Charli XCX.  

Not only is Charli one of Sennott’s long time favorites, she’s another collaborator After Sennott’s appearance on Charli’s Podcast, Chari XCX’s Best Song Ever, the two got to talking about composing a track for one of Rachel’s future projects. 

Dress MIU MIU, Dress MIU MIU
Highsnobiety / Morgan Maher, Highsnobiety / Morgan Maher

“I feel really lucky to have gotten to work with her.” says Rachel. 

Sennott and Sigelman’s aim is to write characters that feel relatable and authentic to young people today. Specifically when it comes to sexuality, this means not defining their characters’ queerness by shoving them into outdated boxes they knew wouldn’t resonate with their audience. “No one is explaining who they are to their friends.” Sennott states plainly, “their friends know.”

Instead, they focused on allowing queer characters to be real, well-rounded people who are “shitty sometimes,” Sennott explains, “and bad, and full-formed people, because no people are all good or bad.”

When we finally got to the topic of fashion, I asked Rachel if any pieces from previous films have influenced her personal style. She laughs and shares that often they influence what she won’t be wearing off camera. 

“I wear a costume for an entire movie, and I get so sick of it that I go in the other direction…Like, I was wearing leather pants for this movie, and they kept getting wet and then dry and then wet again…after the movie was done filming, I was like, ‘No pants. No pants for a year.’ I definitely haven't worn leather pants since.”

This story appears in the new issue of Highsnobiety Magazine. Head here to get a copy.

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