The dearth of fashion shows this season has resulted in an unexpected fashion film renaissance, as brands adapt to the pandemic and find alternative ways to communicate a visual narrative that's memorable – and loaded with style.

One such brand is Random Identities. Following our Not In Paris exhibition, which saw creative director Stefano Pilati explain his inspirations behind his worker boots and morse code logo, Pilati has opened up his chic altbau apartment in Berlin for a new film called "DOMESTIC (between wars)." 

Directed by Konstantin Bock and with cinematography from Christopher Aoun, DOMESTIC (between wars) stars performance artist M.J. Harper – who you may recognize from this GmbH film – as he slinks about the duck-egg blue living room in various wares from Random Identities.

"This film remains a quick contemplation on what my eyes and senses experience when interpreting M.J. Harper's movements (which are reminiscent of the old Haute Couture days)." says Pilati, "It is a display of humble options to keep the spirit of my Fashion alive and relevant, despite the current, desolate landscape of irrelevance for anything that feels superfluous. But, love and passion is the oxygen of the damned and the virtuous; of the random identities symbolising a new culture; the new culture of ‘between spaces; between walls; between wars."

The vignette is essentially one big mood that captures the feelings of restlessness and self-possession that have plagues much of during quarantine with an original score from composer Isola Music and saxophonist Mat Clasen.


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