Season: Fall/Winter 2021

Release Date: October 23

Buy: Bape's website and stores, GR8, and Maxfield

Editor's Notes: READYMADE and BAPE just can't leave each other alone. They're coming back together in Fall 2021 for their fourth-ish collaborative drop, following some stuff earlier this year, that Maxfield pop-up, and — of course — the BAPE XXV anniversary event.

This partnership is very much in line with their previous efforts, comprising accessories and apparel fabricated from READYMADE's signature upcycled military textiles. There's a down jacket, cargo pants, shorts, and all the usual READYMADE fare, so fans familiar with the duo's previous efforts won't be too surprised.

Still, it's appreciably interesting. I love the wear and tear that's baked into each yard of READYMADE's repurposed fabric and it provides a perfect contrast to BAPE's unmissable branding. The juxtaposition of lusciously faded fabric and colorful patches is dissonant but satisfying.

But the real standout of this line is the selection of accessories, which are some of the best that BAPE has done in a while.

READYMADE and BAPE's previous BE@RBRICK figures were pretty tame and not terribly memorable beyond the zippered hoodie that came with 'em.

This time, the duo have cooked up a set of really funky figures, including a huge 1000% collectible draped in a ghillie suit.

Once you lift off the fabric covering, though, it's a pretty normal plastic collectible, which is too bad. At least the BE@RBRICK comes in a set with a matching 100% toy.

Even more excellent, though is the enormous Baby Milo plush figure made of READYMADE's recycled textile, which is genuinely pretty excellent.

Again, I love the variations in the pre-worn scraps that READYMADE uses in its output so seeing it this big is pretty gratifying. Really, the plush doll is more of an art piece than a something you'd use to decorate your hypebeast hangout space but, then again, why not both?

This appreciable READYMADE drop is part of BAPE's recent collaborative hot streak, which also includes Cactus Jack, Barbour, ASICS, and UNO offerings.

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