For most people, 3 a.m. isn’t usually a time that’s associated with productivity (or anything good for that matter). But for young creatives in cities across the globe who work at breakneck speeds to turn things around when deadlines loom, the late-night hour represents a time when they can actually focus to get shit done.

With this in mind, Reebok set out to visualize how influential creatives and artists find inspiration, and how major cities like New York in the hours of darkness fuel their creative process. Titled '3:AM,' the first of Reebok's three-part video series kicks off in the Big Apple and features rising graffiti artist Trevor Andrew and iconic Harlem rapper Cam’ron. The first installment follows them through their late night adventures to see how they get their creative juices flowing. As the series progresses, Reebok will continue to expand the narrative to multiple cities to tell the stories of other artists inspired by the night.

Using these processes as a canvas for expression, "Trouble" Andrews collaborated with Reebok on an exclusive sneaker that's heavily referenced by his graffiti work. The sneaker will release exclusively at Foot Locker.

The first chapter of the '3:AM' series is set to launch at Foot Locker’s NYC33 space on December 12, and while we can't reveal the collab just yet you can catch a glimpse into Andrews' late night flow above.

Jump to Reebok's site for more info on the drop.

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