DC fans were eating over the weekend as the trailer for the latest Batman franchise was finally revealed, delivering the first in-depth look at the new Bruce Wayne era. This, in addition to Christopher Nolans' Tenet opening in theatres, will inevitably generate a news cycle of what cast member Robert Pattinson hates the most: promoting his own movies to the press.

With that in mind, rather than fawn over his upcoming film slate (more than we have already, at least) we're focusing on how the actor lends inspiration, hope, and even leadership for the champions of casual, underhanded, anti-fashion style.

Pattinson's controversial style icon ranking is symptomatic of the state of celebrity at large, whereby the allure of being an elite Hollywood movie star is starting to pale in comparison to, say, the more relatable clips from bedroom-bound teens on Tik Tok.

However, there is thankfully nothing too elitist nor unrelatable about Pattinson's wardrobe — bar the occasional suit by Dior, of which he is an ambassador for. So, in honor of his IDGAF energy, we've selected our favorite of his pre-Batman fits that really encapsulate that vibe.

Is there anything more comforting than an oversized grey hoodie? Pattinson's cozy option arrives from QASIMI, where the embroidery reads "we have not yet parted” in Arabic. We'd add some socks though.

This is basically an image from an alternative timeline whereby Pattinson starred in La Haine. A rule of thumb for wearing vintage sportswear is the brighter and more contrasting the colors are, the better. Note the black/orange Palace x Adidas pro on foot, too.

Maybe Vetements made several points when it said fuck it, oversized hoodies are the peak of personal style.

Naturally, Pattinson turns it out for the big shows with help from his go-to designer, Kim Jones. Here, he's pulled a Lenny Kravitz and basically worn a huge blanket as an accessory. Is it chic? Yes. Is it disheveled? Yes.

Aviators, nondescript baseball cap, slouchy beige pants, leather jacket, playful camp collar shirt, and Converse All-stars hit all the notes of what a hypothetical nephew of Hunter S Thompson might look like if he lived in the LES.

Actually, has anyone tapped Pattinson to play Thompson for a Fear & Loathing reboot?

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