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Earlier in the year we brought you a beginner’s guide to buying your first luxury watch. In going a step further, HODINKEE has since offered an in-depth look at one luxury timepiece in particular that some argue is the most important watch of all time, the Rolex Submariner. Now we’ve already been made aware of the three essential things to know before buying a Rolex, but HODINKEE’s coverage of the Submariner goes much deeper in detail.

The Rolex Submariner was introduced back in 1953 and has been worn by movie stars, professional athletes, and all sorts of high profile types decades since. HODINKEE points out that not only has the timepiece largely defined the dive watch category, but also the sport watch category in general. Many offshoot watches featuring a stainless steel build, black dial, rotating timing bezel, and luminous hands have long since mimicked the design of the Submariner.

As there have been more than a dozen distinct references of the Submariner, in addition to hundreds of variants in total, HODINKEE begins with the 1953 Submariner and dissects their way up to the classic ref. 5513 Submariner, all as a part of their “Reference Points” series in which they formulate definitive guides on the world’s most influential watches. From exploring the dials and various types of hands to the crown guards, you’ll want to head on over to HODINKEE for more in depth details on the Rolex Submariner after watching the accompanying video above. Following, be sure to revisit our guide to buying your first luxury watch.

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