On this week’s episode of The Dropcast, hosts Jian Deleon and Noah Thomas were joined by Kith‘s very own Ronnie Fieg. The sneaker/fashion/ice cream/cereal master sat down to discuss some of the hottest drops of the week.

After discussing the unfortunate death of the great Juice WRLD, we get his opinion on drops and collabs, including the very talked-about Dior Jordans, Kanye’s new YEEZY 700 MNVN “Phosphor” colorway, Theophilus London’s new Off-White™ boots, 032c’s adidas FYW S-97 Salvation’s, and Beyoncé’s new adidas. While discussing each topic, he expresses his great respect for all points of views and designs, and while he might not be the customer for each item, he is careful to not put anything down, explaining that he has often been in design rooms for countless hours, only to be met with negative feedback. So, while some things were for sure his vibe, others were “not for him.”

After getting through all the quick hits, Ronnie talks about how he is preparing for his next collections and lets the world know his latest Bergdorf collab will have the streets on their toes. Jian brings up that Ronnie is about to go on another one of his amazing Kith trips, which are “adventures” where he invites close friends around the world to hang with him for a few days. Since his first one in Aspen, he has continued to expand this idea, making it more and more inclusive to his fans who otherwise might not have had the chance to get their hands on certain items and experiences.

Jian gets Ronnie to explain how he came up with this idea and why it’s so important to him. We then get into the QOTW, which is where we ask Dropcast listeners to call the hotline, which is 833-HIGHSNOB (833-444-4766), and have them answer weekly questions. This week, the Q is “Best Kith Collab?” Versace, Bergdorf Goodman, and Greg Lauren all come up.

Of course, the show ends with our key segment “What Did You Cop?” Ronnie talks about how he went in on holiday shopping, and was gifted the “Viotech” dunks, a shoe he’s been waiting to get his hands on.

The below interview is a transcribed version of ‘The Dropcast’ Episode 89. It has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Jian DeLeon: Let’s just take a step back because every time you do something, you always just
do it big.

Ronnie Fieg: Massive.

JD: Be it like Kith trips. You know, it’s not a press trip, it’s a Kith trip, which is a
different class.

RF: It’s actually really not a press trip at all.

JD: Yeah exactly.

RF: I’m really excited for this one. I get excited for all of these. I think the concept of
what we’re doing is really resonating with people in terms of now
that social has gone global and you get to see parts of the world that you
fantasize about. This has been six years going now. So we’ve been doing this for
six years now. It’s a big part of the brand, a big part of the motto, the Just Us
motto and it’s exciting.

JD: Also Just Us FOMO, that results from seeing Dave Guttman like what? Surfing in
Mustique is that?

RF: No, it was Hawaii.

JD: Oh Hawaii, yeah. It’s every time you launch something because you
did Mustique, that was the Tommy one?

RF: Yeah.

JD: And then Hawaii.

RF: It was for Coke in August.

JD: That was all for the Coke collab.

RFg: Yeah. Yeah.

JD: But you have the craziest cast of characters. I feel it should be a TV show.

RF: Yeah, honestly it’s really the best time that I have during the year and the way
that we think about these trips. I don’t think that people really realize that it’s
not as thought out as people may think. It’s more so we sit down in a
room, the very beginning of the year, every year and we ask ourselves where we
haven’t been and it’s so organic in the way that it’s really been away from me
because my entire life is work. So it’s the outlet for me to be able to enjoy the
work and enjoy it and celebrate it with friends is like the biggest and most
important part of what I do.

NT: That’s beautiful.

RF: The way that Aspen happened, it was, we literally threw a dart on the
board and we’re talking about, it’s funny and this is when-

JD: And this is the trip I went on by the way.

RF: It was so incredible because we started talking about, “where can we go on a ski
trip?” because we had the first experiential trip was in Miami when we did the
pop up for ECP. Remember the East Coast Projects?

JD: Yes, I remember that one.

RF: Then after that we did what we did in Paris for COA and we did what we did
in Tokyo for the Puma project that we did for Sakura. Then we went
to Paris where we do with Colette and we went to Brazil for what we do with
Asics in Sao Paulo for the World Cup.

RF: These are moments that’s “where do I want to bring my friends and have a good
time?” And we think backwards from that and then design the collection to the
setting which we think about.

RF: So when thinking about Aspen, it was like thinking about different parts of
the country where we can go skiing because we wanted to build this outerwear collection. Back then it was with Columbia and then obviously Adidas providing or not providing, but we were designing and they were providing the

JD: Still one of the rarest Kith collabs, that Boost.

Ronnie Fieg: Yeah, which one’s? Oh the Mid.

JD: The Mid with the silver on the heel counter.

RF: Oh yeah, the friends and family, the old white ones. Yeah, those are crazy, but
we think about it and we were sitting down and were thinking about different
names and we’re like, Kith Tahoe, Kith… and back then we were even
thinking about Kith Jackson, Kith Aspen and we were sitting down, we both look
at each other and it was me and Thomas that were throwing the words around
and we were just brainstorming and we look at each other and we’re like “Kith

RF: And it’s the only time I’ve ever seen Aspen was in Dumb and Dumber. You know
what I mean? Like just thinking about that boy and it was like, “that’s where we
got to do it”. Let’s get Aspen.

RF: So I got on the phone.

JD: Where the beer flows like water.

RF: Where the beer flows like wine.

RF: Yes, that’s where we were. This is what it got to be. So we went and
we started to explore Aspen and I went there for the first time and I’ve actually
picked up the phone after that meeting, I just Googled the commercial real
estate agent and then she picked up the phone and knew who we were and was
so happy that we would even consider going to Aspen and we went over there,
she put me in this amazing store and we did the popup back then, which housed
the first Aspen collection with Columbia and then also, I don’t know if
you guys remember, but we did the Polar Bear Coke Collection, which was the
first Coke collab that we did and this is four years ago, right?

JD: What I also want to talk about is, you have the journal on Kith and it seems like
these trips are so expertly casted with the people that you invite, but literally like everything ties back, not just to the footwear collaboration’s, but the entire collection, down to the pallet.

RF: So the journal is made to start thinking about, these are pictures that we
compile in the very beginning on the photos and you the inspiration that we
take into the design of the actual apparel.

JD: See, this is why we called you the mood board king though.

NT: Yeah, this is a vibe dude.

Ronnie Fieg: Yeah, because anybody who’s seen me, it was just like-

Jian DeLeon: Wow!

Ronnie Fieg: So there’s really two stories, right? This was meant to be daytime, morning kind

JD: Oh the gradient?

RF: Sunrise gradient, also a temperature story. So it’s really twofold and this is one
story that we’re telling and then the other story is in this vibe right here and this
is more of the sunset vibe and it’s funny because this is very much in
the Kith pallet of what we do and what we have done before.

JD: Oh, do you do a shell?

RF: Yes. The shell, the bottom zips off. So it’s this long parka esque shell
that is meant to be the outermost piece in the performance driven like downhill
skiing type shit that we’re going to do.

RF: We looked at this as the vibe and the moment and as soon as we saw that Aman
was in Jackson, it was a no brainer. The Aman Hotel and what we did in Utah
and then staying at the Aman in Tokyo, I’d become the biggest fan of the Aman

JD: For sure.

RF: It’s like the best hotel chain in the world, you know what I’m saying?
So we wanted to take over the whole spot. So we’re taking over the entire
Aman, but most importantly the Caldera House, which is an amazing small
boutique hotel on the mountain of Jackson Hole, we took a popup space there
and we’re going to open a pop up shop for this from Thursday to Sunday and
we’re coming there, I have no idea what to expect in terms of customers and
people that will come in that are passionate about the brand or that follow the
brand, but more so it was to build a vibe for the seventy of us. We’re
just going to come into the city and kind of take over for five days.

JD: So you know, book your PJ at the clearport right now. Get over to Kith, Jackson,
Wyoming. Hang out at Grand Teton. Catch some vibes.

RF: To have the kids show up in Aspen, I think was an eye opener for me
and then what we did in Hawaii. People had two days notice with the typhoon hitting that was supposed to hit Hawaii that weekend with two days notice, we
still had 1500 kids outside, in Hawaii, Honolulu.

RF: It was just eye opening for us because I wanted to make these trips that we now
have, I wanted to make it more inclusive to the people who want a piece of the

NT: For sure.

RF: And to experience the brand. So I feel it was because the popup shop
wasn’t the idea.

RF: It was our … Because the pop up shop wasn’t the idea back when we first
started thinking about it and even when we booked the hotel and all of that.
That came about, I would say, about three months ago when I started to look at
what we … Really, when we came back from Hawaii. Because Hawaii was always
meant to be a pop up. But when we came back, I thought about it, I was like,
every future one of these trips should include a way for people to experience it,
as well.

NT: One hundred percent.

RF: And make it more inclusive.

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Words by Noah Thomas
Assistant Editor