ryan gosling the drip
Getty Images / Matteo Chinellato / NurPhoto via Getty Images
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ryan gosling the drip
Getty Images / Matteo Chinellato / NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Drip is Highsnobiety’s deep-dive look at celebrities and their jawnz. Here we highlight a notable figure from our world and run the rule over whether their outfit is a hit or miss. Do you agree or disagree with our appraisal? Let us know below.

Who: Ryan Gosling

The outfit he’s wearing: Vintage Lacoste sweater vest, gray jeans (no ID), white tee (no ID), and lace-up boots (no ID)

Location: Venice Film Festival, Italy

Why it works: Is global heartthrob and renowned cereal hater Ryan Gosling the first person in the world to make a sweater vest look cool? Quite possibly. Such an item can be overbearing and impossible to wear without conveying a gratingly sensible country club chic. The sweater vest is to prep what the waistcoat is to dandyism or the leather jacket to bikers. It’s inextricably tied not to fashion, but to a wider lifestyle, one that screams members only and weekends on daddy’s boat.

Gosling knows this, which is why, rather than pair it with tailored trousers and smart shoes, he goes in the opposite direction, wearing a slightly disheveled white tee, gold medallion necklace, distressed gray jeans, and robust lace-up boots. He’s rocking it on his own grubby terms, the overall aesthetic something akin to YEEZY meets Vampire Weekend.

Editor’s Notes: Preppy style is on the comeback trail and “scumbro” vibes are everywhere. Like some kind of sartorial alchemist, Gosling combines the two for an I-don’t-give-a-fuck look that somehow still befits a 37-year-old father of two. This is complex, high-minded stuff — a ’fit straight from the Shia Labeouf handbook.

Not everyone is Ryan Gosling (I hate to break that fact) and a sweater vest is hardly the easiest thing to nail. Done right, however, it makes for a formidable transitional season piece, perfect for those brisk September days when it’s too warm for a jacket but slightly too chilly for just a T-shirt.

These are exciting times for prep acolytes: streetwear has started to make inroads into tennis, loafers are back with a vengeance, and brands including NOAH, Supreme, and Carhartt WIP have all incorporated Ivy League-worthy pieces into their latest collections. For more, listen to our recent episode of The Dropcast.

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