No one does Halloween like Saint Laurent. Its Halloween-themed Rive Droite capsule is packed with luxe lifestyle goods that turn the spookiest day of the year into a suitably bougie affair.

Given that previous Rive Droite offerings have ranged from K-Way jackets to Basquiat skimboards, it's no surprise that even for his holiday-themed offerings, creative director Anthony Vaccarello dished some pretty luxe stuff.

There's a chess set that swaps the usual pieces for tiny skull heads, lil skull necklaces, keychain skellies, some kind of spiky skull figure (noticing a pattern?), and a giant skull that you can keep on a bookshelf or something as a semi-morbid keepsake.

The shiny metal sculpts ensure that everything looks sumptuous rather than scary, which is probably good if you're paying up for Saint Laurent.

Vaccarello also serves a selection of collectible pieces and jewelry to complement the thematic range, including black jeans, skeleton bracelets, a reusable mug with "Día de Los Muertos" art, Nanoblock (not LEGO!) toys, and some black tops laden with silver chains in the shape of spiderwebs to match the in-store 3D-projected spider created by German artist Friedrich Van Schoor.

The lynchpin piece is, in my humble opinion, an anatomical bone-printed hoodie that recalls the classic LRG "Dead Series" hoodie, though it's certainly not an intentional tribute.

It's arriving a little late for the skeleton trend that swept the streetwear scene last year but, then again, I don't think that skeleton stuff is ever gonna not be cool — there's a reason that Kapital does it every year.

If nothing else, Saint Laurent's hoodie is a pretty good last-minute costume for any uber-rich Halloween party you plan on attending.

All of the spooky silver skeletons are available exclusively on Saint Laurent's website and the two Rive Droite stores in Paris and Los Angeles, presumably even after Halloween ends next week.

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