While the Oscars isn't exactly the Super Bowl when it comes to TV commercials, Samsung took the opportunity to tease a new foldable smartphone in an ad that aired during the 92nd Academy Awards last night.

Little was offered in the way of specifics, but we see that the foldable phone, which is rumored to be called the Galaxy Z Flip, boasts a clamshell design, somewhat similar to the new Motorola RAZR. The Samsung device appears to feature a dual-lens camera system on the rear, as well as an exterior display revealing notifications. The foldable smartphone may also be touch-sensitive, as the ad shows a user swiping the exterior display to answer a call. Furthermore, the short video suggests users will be able to prop the phone open to conveniently access hands-free video calls.

Fine print applied to the ad references a crease at the center of the main screen, which Samsung says is a "natural characteristic" of the screen. Samsung's first foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, also has a visible crease where the screen folds.

Samsung has yet to provide any concrete information on its new foldable smartphone, but expect to hear more surrounding the company's Unpacked event on February 11.

Watch the commercial below.

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