In an official announcement, Samsung Display has unveiled an unbreakable OLED smartphone panel that has been certified by industry testers Underwriters Laboratory (UL), an official testing company for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor.

According to the UL test, the unbreakable display passed the rigorous real-time durability test that is based on military standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense. After a drop test at nearly four feet above the ground 26 times in succession, and accompanying high (71 degrees) and low (-32 degrees) temperature tests, the Samsung display panel continued to function normally with no damage to its front, sides or edges.

Samsung states that the flexible OLED panel uses an unbreakable substrate that's adhered to an overlay window, as current-generation flexible displays attach a glass-covered window to their display that often breaks when severely impacted.

The tech company also says that the unbreakable panels are being developed for use on smartphones but are likely to be implemented on other devices like display consoles for automobiles, mobile military devices, portable game consoles, and tablet PCs.

This latest news may indicate more details of the company's forthcoming foldable Galaxy X phone as well, and in case you missed it, a new report suggests that Samsung and Google phones have faster internet than the latest iPhones.

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