In the wake of George Floyd's murder by police in Minneapolis on Monday, May 25, people across America and the world have taken to the streets to protest racism and demand justice. Some of the demonstrations have escalated into riots, and vandalism and looting in some areas – affecting many sneaker stores and boutiques.

Over the weekend, images and videos of stores being broken into and looted began to make rounds on social media. Now many brands and stores that have experienced looting are speaking out.

Many larger brands have taken a decided stance on the situation. For instance, while the Nike Store location on Michigan Ave. in Chicago appeared to be completely cleaned out yesterday, the company shared a message in solidarity protesters. In an unprecedented move, adidas shared Nike's post, suggesting that the sportswear rivals share a united position on the issue of institutionalized racism in the United States.

For smaller sneaker shops and consignment stores – some of which are black-owned – however, looting is hitting especially hard. Stores such as Flight Club, Sole Classics, RSVP Gallery, and Round Two, are grappling with the obvious financial repercussions, while also standing behind protesters.

From frustration to solidarity, here's how the sneaker community is responding to vandalism in the wake of nationwide protests.

nike & adidas


The Hundreds


Sole Classics

Round Two

RSVP Gallery


Sign the petition to demand justice for George Floyd and join us in taking a stance against institutionalized racism. 

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