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Today, the whole world revolves around Solange with the spontaneous release of her long-awaited album When I Get Home. Fans can barely contain their emotions about the project on Twitter and we completely understand why because the high level of inspiration that it sends out is mind-blowing. With 19 tracks to dive into, there is so much territory to explore from a sonic point of view to the intricate vocals that carry the notes. After spending the entire morning listening to the record a handful of times, here are eight lyrics that stuck out to us the most.

“My skin, my logo”

POWERFUL! This phrase is the title of the track where Solange and Gucci Mane casually trade lines about each other while Tyler, the Creator and Steve Lacy keep the flow grooving in the background.

“Black skin, black braids/ Black waves, black days/ Black baes, black days/ These are black-owned things/ Black faith still can’t be washed away/ Not even in that Florida water”

“Almeda” sees Solange, The-Dream and Playboi Carti taking a moment to celebrate all of the traits and characteristics that are exclusively associated with black people behind a bouncy beat produced by Pharrell and John Kirby. As far as I’m concerned, Black History Month never ended.

“Dollars never show up on CP time/ I just wanna wake up on CP time”

There are so many good lines to choose from on “Binz,” but this part will deeply resonate with anyone that is glowing with that melanin. I pity the fool that isn’t aware of CP time! Shoutouts to The-Dream once again.

“Call you in your name and you know you gon’ get it/ Come and say the word and you know you gon’ hit it”

Don’t mind me over here pretending that this verse from “Jerrod” was inspired by Call Me By Your Name

“I can’t be a singular expression of myself, there’s too many parts, too many spaces, too many manifestations…”

You can just picture Solange confidently grabbing the mic to deliver this deeply impacting interlude. Self-evolution is a lifelong process.

“First, I’m tryna get the woman to understand the dynamic power and the spiritual energy. Do you realize how magnificent you are?”

Thank you, Solange for giving us permission to enter your divine mind! “We Deal with the Freak’n (intermission)” borrows this excerpt from Vagina Power host Alexyss K. Tylor and samples the 1968 hit “Turn Me On” by the psychedelic soul band Rotary Connection.

“We were fallin’ in the deep/ Bathe in the delight/ We were rollin’ up the street/ Chasing the divine, oh”

It’s official, “Down With The Clique” is the new “Rollin’ With The Homies.” Coolio would definitely approve of this soulful medley.

“N****s get all in they feelings/ N****s get down every day”

“Stay Flo” reminds us that beauty can still be found within pain, and that what we feel is real and not imagined.

Words by Sydney Gore
Features Editor

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