Looking for your next binge? Fire up HBO Max and dive into all 23 seasons of South Park. With the exception of five episodes, the entire catalog of the Comedy Central show is now available to stream on HBO's new platform.

The five episodes that are absent include “Super Best Friends” from season five, “Cartoon Wars Part I and Part II” from season 10, and “200” and “201” from season 14. They have been pulled due to featuring a character based on the Prophet Muhammad. The episodes were previously removed from television as well as South Park's prior streaming home, Hulu, after series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone received threats from Islamic extremists.

Still, you can take advantage of 282 episodes of South Park, now courtesy of HBO Max and a $500 million streaming deal. New episodes are on the way as well, as Comedy Central has renewed the show for three more seasons.

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