Stüssy / Fahim Kassam

Brand: Stüssy

Season: Summer 2018

Key Pieces: The Poly Track jacket with blue stripe down the sleeves, white Hana Printed shirt with floral detailing, and the grey S/SL BDU short-sleeve shirt are standouts.

Editor’s Notes: Streetwear mainstay Stüssy uses its Summer 2018 collection to look back in time to the late ’60s, a period where innovation and creative thinking were front and center, and “discontent started to transform into the creative energy that shaped modern subcultures.”

Inspired heavily by psychedelia and the re-worked military garb of that era, the collection features complex patterning, intricate stitching, and bold print jobs that catch the eye and hold your attention.

Even if you’re not out to make a statement, Stüssy has got you covered with some stylish basics that will serve as the foundation of a strong ’fit.

The first delivery is available now in chapter stores and on Stussy. The rest of the collection will drop in the coming weeks.

Flip through the imagery above and then leave your thoughts on the collection in the comments.

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