Supreme has seemingly ended a lengthy back and forth with Supreme Italia — which many refer to as "fake Supreme" — finally securing a trademark in China.

As reported by WWD, public documents reveal that the trademark was officially granted by the Chinese Trademark Office on January 21, leading Supreme Italia to close its store in Shanghai. For those unaware, Supreme Italia is a company that sells Supreme-branded products overseas.

Supreme now has 251 trademark registrations in 106 jurisdictions, as it continues to tighten the grip on the hype surrounding the brand. The Chinese trademark is particularly crucial seeing as the country is home to the fastest-growing luxury market in the world, with many companies looking to take advantage of the Supreme name by selling fake merchandise.

The trademark in China reportedly applies to Supreme-branded clothing — including shirts, pants, jackets, underwear, belts, hats, and bandanas — in addition to shoes.

With China now secure, Supreme will seemingly continue to strengthen its legal control of the brand around the world.

Visit WWD for more on Supreme's trademark acquisition.

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