[UPDATE] June 3, 2019 1:47 p.m. EST In light of Supreme's attempts to block Supreme Italia from selling Supreme-branded goods, Supreme Italia, aka fake Supreme, has lost its registered trademarks in China, The Drum reports. The International Brand Firm Limited-owned company originally possessed two trademarks in China for “ITSupremeNow,” as noted in records from the China Trade Mark Office (CTMO) database. The CTMO has since revoked these trademarks following opposition from Supreme.

The Drum points out that the US-originated Supreme does not currently own any registered trademarks in China although the company has 85 pending trademark applications. Melanie Zhu, principal, at Rouse Consultancy, a global IP consultancy, told the publication that the first company to register a trademark is generally favored under the Chinese trademark law.

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Supreme Italia, a company that sells Supreme-branded products overseas, has been prepping the opening of a flagship store in Shanghai. Apparently, Supreme is still fighting the legally fake imprint, after reportedly losing a court case last year that allowed the brand to begin selling its Supreme merchandise.

According to Hypebeast, who has spoken with Supreme's legal counsel, Supreme Italia's Shanghai store has yet to open, albeit media was invited to preview the space just last week. In addition to individuals being staged outside of the flagship, as they were paid to look like customers, Supreme Italia showcased a Supreme x RIMOWA collaboration inside the store, which apparently is not allowed to be sold by the Shanghai outfit.

Supreme's lawyers point out that Supreme Italia does not have a trademark registration in China and cannot operate in Italy either. According to a Judicial Order from 2017, manufacturing or selling product with Supreme, Supreme Italia or Supreme Spain trademarks is prohibited.

Supreme also proclaims that it has yet to lose an IP case against Supreme Italia, insisting that previous reports surrounding last year's lost case are false. Subsequently, Supreme has beaten Supreme Italia to receiving trademark registration in Italy.

Supreme continues to work diligently to ensure its trademark is being enforced in China.

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