In 1983, the same year as the companies formation, Swatch released the transparent Original Jelly Fish GZ010. Thirty-seven years on and the Swiss watchmakers have boosted this iconic model up a level from subtle accessory to statement piece with the launch of the BIG BOLD Jelly.

Usually known for producing, in the words of Notorious B.I.G., those 'colorful Swatches', as well as legendary art collaborations with the likes of Keith Harring and Damien Hirst, the Jelly's transparent look has always stood out among the brands back-catalogue.

As part of the BIG BOLD collection, the watchcase comes in at a hard-hitting 47mm, showcasing it's beautiful inner workings and those inherently Swatch red, blue and yellow hands clearer than ever.

After such a big 2019, having released the Swatch x BAPE, the BIG BOLD collection and the innovative contactless shopping accessory SwatchPAY!, the BIG BOLD Jelly launches the brand into a new decade with a very 2020 take on an 80's classic.

The Swatch BIG BOLD Jelly retails at $110/€95 and is available now from

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