As demonstrated by fragment-approved brand Burtle, the desire for fan-cooled clothing goes beyond the factory workers for whom the garments were originally designed. It's cool to stay cool, as Japanese brands seeking to combat summer humidity are well aware. Taiga Liona is the latest label to toss its hat (or jacket) into the ring, serving up a pair of fan-infused pieces of outerwear rife with thoughtful accents.

Launched late last year by Takao Yamashita, the founder of cult Harajuku label beauty:beast, Taiga Liona is rooted in functional cues. As evidenced by its recent Fall/Winter 2021 collection, there are plenty of cheeky patterns atop relaxed cuts informed by historic Japanese utility garment. Take its Summer 2021 haori as an example, updating the traditional hanten coat with a reversible tiger print but retaining the original garments' fire-resistant capabilities.

Taiga Liona divides its output into "Taiga" (workwear") and "Liona," (techwear) categories. This fan-cooled outerwear falls safely into the latter niche. The rear of a lightweight polyester bomber jacket and vest have been fitted with two small battery-powered fans that can run for four uninterrupted hours at maximum power. Those limitations might throw a wrench into the plans of anyone expecting all-day cooling but, hey, better than handheld fans. Plus, each garment features intelligent details that enhance the fans' capabilities, like the vest's snug armholes that trap cool air inside and breathable mesh panels inside the bomber.

Both the vest and bomber jacket are available on Taiga Liona's website and at select stockists for ¥49,500 and ¥53,900 (approximately $451 and $491), respectively.

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