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Art collective teamLab is slated to hold an immense inaugural exhibition at the TANK Shanghai museum this weekend which turns the massive former oil tank into an interactive, ever-changing installation. TANK Shanghai is a long-awaited museum project from Chinese collector Qiao Zhibing, which are five disused oil tanks that formerly stored fuel for the nearby Hongqiao International airport. Doors will finally open to the public on March 23.

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teamLab: Universe of Water Particles in the Tank teamLab: 油罐中的水粒子世界 @tankshanghai #Shanghai #China #上海 #中国 ・ teamLab will hold an immense inaugural exhibition at the iconic TANK Shanghai museum in Shanghai, China starting March 23. Early bird tickets now available on WeChat. The immersive exhibition turns a massive former oil tank into an interactive, ever-changing installation, exploring a continuity among people, as well as a new relationship that transcends the boundaries between people and the world. Runs until August 24, 2019 at Tank No.5 of TANK Shanghai. ・ teamLab大型展览“teamLab: 油罐中的水粒子世界”即将登陆中国上海全新艺术地标——上海油罐艺术中心。 在WeChat上买票。SNS 届时,前身作为航空储油罐的上海油罐艺术中心将化身为互动式的艺术体验空间,着力探索人际间的永恒,探寻超越人与世界边界的新关系。展期将持续到2019年8月24日在上海油罐艺术中心 5号罐。・ 中国・上海の新美術館 TANK Shanghai (上海油罐芸術中心)にて、大規模なオープニング展、3月23日オープン。 WeChatで前売券販売中。 巨大な元燃油タンクが、人々のふるまいの影響を受けながら変容し続ける空間に。人々を作品の一部とし、人々と世界との関係性をより連続的なものに変えることを試みる本展は、タンク5号機にて8月24日(土)まで開催。 ・ #teamLab #チームラボ #tankshanghai #上海油罐艺术中心 #油罐艺术中心 #transcendingboundaries ・ #artcollective #artmuseum #museum #art #exhibition #digitalart #interactive #installation #interactiveart #artgallery #gallery #artinstallation #artexhibition #shanghaiart #アート #チームラボ展 #美術館 #美术馆 #艺术 #油罐

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Artnet News points out that in addition to teamlab’s Universe of Water Particles in the Tank exhibition, the grand opening will also feature two other exhibitions, a group show titled Under Construction, featuring works by Chinese artists such as Zeng Fanzhi, Yang Fudong, and Ding Yi. Meanwhile, the third exhibition is dubbed, Sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected universe, who is dreaming who?, by Adrian Villar Rojas.

teamlab’s installation is notably the highlight exhibit as it consists of a series of digital, interactive and interacting artworks that blur the boundaries between people and art. More specifically, the exhibit mimics an enormous waterfall that appears to cascade down the interior of the tank, while other works will depict blooming seasonal flowers and a projection of waves that are connected to form a single body of water.

The immersive installation can be viewed at TANK Shanghai beginning March 23 until August 24, 2019. You can preview Universe of Water Particles in the Tank now in the video above and by visiting teamlab’s website.

TANK Shanghai
2350 Longteng Ave.
Xuhui Qu, China

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