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New York City-born 20-year-old phenom Tyshawn Jones is Thrasher‘s Skater of the Year for 2018. To celebrate the accomplishment, the skate company blessed Tyshawn with a trip somewhere tropical. Alongside the likes of Na’kel Smith, Kevin Bradley, Kevin White and more, the gang of skaters grabbed their boards and took off for sunny Miami and Puerto Rico.

As you can imagine, a lot more than skating took place during their getaway, and thankfully, Thrasher presents a coinciding video to highlight the trip. In It’s a Movie, Kid, we see Jones and company shredding the streets of Miami and Puerto Rico by day, and partying in the clubs by night.

Press play above to check out what went down during Tyshawn Jones and Thrashers’ Miami and Puerto Rico vacation, then visit thrashermagazine.com for more on the video and Tyshawn’s Skater of the Year nod.

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