When fans spotted Travis Scott in a The Matrix-inspired Phats tee during a PlayStation 5 unboxing video some weeks back, the shirt sold out almost immediately. If you missed out, this time you might be in luck — tomorrow, it's getting a restock.

The Phats T-Shirt is called White Rabbit and features a print of Trinity from The Matrix on the front. The name is probably also a reference to the franchise, either a nod to Morpheus' famous "I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes" quote, or the character Dujour whose alias was the White Rabbit, or both.

Phats is run by 26-year-old Los Angeles-based designer, Marc Carrillo. Carrillo launched the label after years of collecting and selling vintage tees, which is actually how he met Scott. He previously dealt '90s skate T-shirts to Travis Scott from brands like Toy Machine and Birdhouse. Now, Carrillo draws from his time slinging vintage tops to create his own vision for Phats.

Subsequently, Phats is inspired by vintage '90s T-shirts, generally dedicated to skateboarding, hip-hop, and anime. Phats items are only made available during limited releases in select boutiques in Japan and on phatsbuddhaspot.com. You can get a better feel for the brand by scrolling through @phatsbuddhaspot on Instagram, ahead of the White Rabbit tee online restock on January 15. The T-shirt will be available in creme and aqua green colorways, alongside a heather grey hoodie with the same graphic.

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