Tyler the Creator GOLF hat striped shirt
Getty Images / Lester Cohen

Independent record store Amoeba Hollywood has tapped Tyler, the Creator to announce its new location. This fall, the beloved shop will be opening at 6200 Hollywood Boulevard in El Centro.

Amoeba isn’t moving far, however, as the new location is just two blocks east and two blocks north of the current store at 6400 Sunset Boulevard. The record store is relocating after the current space was sold in 2015 for $34 million, due to an apartment tower and commercial space being developed there.

According to Amoeba Hollywood, the new store is a “bit smaller” than the previous location, as it will open sometime after Labor Day 2020.

“We are humbled by the massive outpouring of support throughout this search from our customers and the LA community,” Amoeba wrote online. “We aim to do you proud and continue on as your supreme source for music, movies, and so much more. We will bring that familiar Amoeba energy into this new space and you can be sure it will provide the ‘true Amoeba experience’ as we will carry the same breadth and depth of selection.”

Tyler, the Creator is one of many who hold Amoeba near to his heart. “As long as Amoeba don’t close, that’s what I care about,” he said. “My first studio album I put out, they let me get on the roof and take a photo with the big thing, and I was like…ever since then, they have my support. They’ve supported me and it’s been love. So I’m excited for the new Amoeba.”

Press play underneath to watch Tyler share a first look at the new Amoeba Hollywood.

Not NYC, not LA.