It's no secret that Tyler, the Creator and Frank Ocean go back, but what exactly did the Odd Future frontman think of his pal's recent work, Blonde? In a new interview with GQ, Tyler detailed his affinity for Frank, in addition to speaking on how everybody is still dressing the same, as well as lending some insight on his new Golf Le Fleur sneakers.

When asking his thoughts on Ocean's new album, Tyler responded: "I liked it a lot. Like, it’s my favorite thing from him. It’s weird because I’m friends with him and this album made me so, so, so much of a fanboy."

"It’s crazy because I was with him when it came out, like that week or whatever, and I kept complimenting him on certain songs, certain little things that I liked in different songs," he went on to say. "And I low-key think he started getting annoyed cause I just kept badgering him about how much I liked the album. But I really, really fucking like it. And I’m really hyped for him and he’s hyped and shit’s great."

In addition to speaking on Frank, Tyler was quick to point out that people are still dressing the same. "I mean, everyone’s in, like, what? A torn tee of some band they don’t like. Some ripped jeans. A dad hat," he insisted. "Everyone is wearing dumb tour tees right now. That shit is weird. You don’t even like that band. Why are you wearing that?"

On a more refreshing note, however, the young creative will soon be providing 'heads with some new footwear to take advantage of, his Golf Le Fleur sneakers.

"I’m still putting finishing touches on it and trying to make sure it’s the perfect shoe so I don’t have to worry about shit later," Tyler revealed. "So I can just focus on cool colorways and cool shit to do around it. So putting finishing touches on it. It’s coming soon."

He then went on to say that "They’re fucking sick and I’m really hyped. I hope that it’s successful so I can sponsor people that I think are cool, whether I’m sponsoring just the skate kids that I see. Or like artists that I’m a fan of. Or racers. There’s a whole subculture of kids who ride go-karts, for real. Sponsoring random shit like that that, I’m into. Everyone goes for the basketball players and football players and stuff."

For more from Tyler, the Creator and his new interview, which includes discussing his recent Twitter hack, follow on over to GQ.

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