Vans and Tony Hawk have announced an official brand partnership. Hawk will be producing an all-new professional vert skateboarding competition, while simultaneously promoting Vans’ global brand platforms. He will also remain a color commentator for the Vans Park Series.

“Vans has supported skateboarding since the very beginning, and never wavered in its commitment, even with massive mainstream success,” said Hawk. “I have always respected their integrity, so it is an honor to officially join forces and help continue to grow skateboarding culture in the most authentic way possible.”

Vans were the first skate shoes Hawk ever wore back in 1978. “My dad bought me a pair and I begged him for the ‘ankle guard’ accessory because high-tops weren’t available yet. I wore Vans almost exclusively until the mid ‘80s,” he revealed.

“Tony Hawk’s name is synonymous with skateboarding for fans around the world,” said Bobby Gascon, global director of action sports for Vans. “He is a pioneer and has inspired millions to pick up a board with his incredible talent. We are honored that he’ll be supporting Vans’ mission to promote and grow skateboarding globally.”

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Vans and Hawk are focusing on the positive impact skateboarding can provide. The partnership will support global skate communities and bring fans together through social livestream campaigns, philanthropic give-back programs, and creative product collaborations.

“These days are extremely difficult for so many, which is why we are hoping to provide some fun and creativity for the global community to enjoy,” Hawk stated. “In unprecedented times like these, we need to stay positive, support each other and keep creating.”

You can learn more about Tony Hawk and the Vans Skateboarding program here.

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