Although Instagram currently boasts over 800 million monthly active users and is the most popular photo and video-sharing platform out there, some additions have started to grate on people. The switch away from a chronological timeline, as well as attempts to rip-off Snapchat’s most popular features, has seen a number of folks jump ship to Vero, which is being touted as the “Instagram Killer.”

Vero is a new social media app that allows its users to post whatever they like — be it movies, TV, music, books, places, or photos — and share them with a social network that they control.

Arguably, its biggest selling point is that it has a chronological feed, allowing users to see everything. Companies can’t pay to boost posts because there is no algorithm that highlights certain posts over others, meaning – provided you scroll far enough down – you won’t miss any of your friends’ images. Another interesting feature is the fact that, unlike Instagram, users aren't required to crop their images: full-sized photos can be uploaded and displayed in their original ratio.

As per the app’s website, Vero is trying to fight what it describes as a “false sense of connection [that] has left us lonelier than ever” by allowing its users to control who sees what so that “you can behave in a way that is more natural, which we believe ends up being better for you.”

This business model stands in stark contrast to other apps like Facebook, which has become very advertising heavy. Without money from advertising, Vero has admitted it will eventually charge users to sign up for the app, however, the first million users will receive free access for life.

But still, it's not been all plain sailing for Vero.

Vero has been around since 2015 and has slowly been building up its network since then, however, the sudden surge in popularity has led to scaling issues. Since the recent boost in interest, the app has spent much of its time not working properly, with most of the company’s social media posts dedicated to explaining technical issues. The app, it appears, is having trouble keeping up with its newfound popularity.

This development comes after several high-profile Instagram users posted that they had downloaded the app and prompted their followers to do the same. While this is good news when it comes to growth, Vero needs to make sure it has a working infrastructure before it invites more users to join, as it’s practically impossible to get users to come back after they’ve abandoned an app previously.

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