Byte, a new app created by Dom Hofmann — the former co-creator of the popular video sharing platform Vine — launched yesterday. The new app looks to be a repackaged and updated version of Vine, which shut down in 2017.

Byte was available in beta form for a while, though Friday’s launch came as a surprise to those that had been following the app’s development.

Videos on Twitter show that Byte seems to be similar in function and design to Vine, allowing users to share short clips in an endless, scrollable feed, as the example below shows.

Vine first launched in 2013 and quickly grew its user-base as it was a fun and easy way to share videos. Lack of monetization, however, became a problem and eventually caused the company to shut its doors in 2016, with the app shutting down completely in 2017. Dom Hofmann has reportedly been working on a follow-up since then.

Twitter, of course, was on hand to offer some funny reactions to Byte’s official launch. Check them out below.

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