Following their collaboration last year, Mercedes-Benz has once again tapped multi-hyphenate Virgil Abloh for another partnership, this time taking on the Mercedes-Maybach.

During the past few years, the crossover between fashion and automotive has grown immensely, seeing some of the biggest designers and brands lend their hand to create vehicles, capsule collections, and more. Virgil's previous take on the Mercedes-Benz G Class was a catalyst for plenty of more collaborations and set the bar high.

For their second chapter, Abloh has worked together with Mercedes-Benz Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener to create the new car, which is set to be an electric show car that will be unveiled during Art Basel Miami Beach.

"Unlike anything previously seen from Mercedes-Benz, the show car exemplifies the possibility of design that is untethered by existing blueprints, or production specifications," Mercedes explains and adds that the partnership coincides with the 100-year anniversary of the Maybach. Karl Maybach and his father Wilhelm debuted the first Maybach W 3, and created one of the most recognizable and exclusive brands of today.

“The Maybach legacy celebrates exploration, pushing creativity to new places, living outside of the status quo. In this next phase we’re embracing these ideals and bringing the Mercedes-Maybach heritage into the future, inviting the next generation to join in revering this icon,” Virgil Abloh explains.

Abloh's presence in the industry is incomparable, and he continues to transcend fashion and style. With background in civil engineering and architecture, the designer has combined his skills and creativity to create the Project MAYBACH with Gorden Wagener, and it is not the last we'll see of the partnership.

The collaboration will be revealed on December 1.

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