Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself, "can fashion be funny?" Well, according to Instagram account, @siduations, it most certainly can.

In what appears to be a tongue in cheek project, New York-based visual artist Sidney Prawatyotin has remodeled Balenciaga's recent 'Dadcore' SS18 collection into a mini-series of animated videos. Using the original capsule images, which have since garnered mix responses, Prawatyotin brought each picture to life, causing the models move in strange, yet fascinating hyperrealist ways.

Alongside these animations, Prawatyotin also created a selection of photoshopped graphics featuring the runway pictures in snowy mountains and colder landscapes.

"When you think about it, why not wear Balenciaga on the subway or in a classroom? Why not wear Chanel couture during a marathon?," Prawatyotin told L'Officiel. "There is nothing insulting therein. Why is real life so different from fashion?"

For a look at some of the clips in question, browse a selection of them below and for more fashion funnies, check out Prawatyotin's Instagram.

In recent Balenciaga news, the brand just released another colorway of its Triple S sneaker.

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